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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why I Am Skeptical About Global Warming

While normally my blog deals with issues of religion and some with politics this is the exception. Global warming is an issue that I have tried to wrap my head around and have done some research into the issue.

Here are some facts that I think most people can agree on. One, there has been ice ages in the past. Two, there has been periods of relative warmth. Three, these periods are cyclical. Four, we are currently in a warm period. Five, the effects of these changes are clearly understood and the effects can be damaging to human habitation. Six, We have an idea as too how long these periods last between warm and ice ages.

I feel that most if not all of these six points can be accepted by almost anyone without having to challenge any sort of philosophical background one might have. With that said I want to explain my perspective on planet preservation and being a responsible component on planet earth.

For me believe it or not my attitude of how to care for the planet was forged in my time as a Christian. There are passages in the Bible that talk about being a responsible steward of the resources and such and the reason the Bible gives is because God says so. Of course, I don't feel that is a good reason but the ideas are a good base. If you are trying to reduce the impact on the environment things such as recycling and reusing and using less and being more efficient with cars fuel economy and things of that sort is unquestionably sound and should be encouraged and society should make a mechanism for us to do such things.

I find that people that pollute and waste food and other examples of waste should be educated as to the benefits to them personally and to the society as a whole of using the resources as needed. I have seen in the past when I was a child picnic areas that are covered in and blowing about with loads of trash and when you go to the trash can it is almost totally empty. I have seen much more recently public places where the spaces are clean yet the trash cans are over flowing for use.

I am glad to say that we are moving toward an attitude where it is more preferred to throw trash away than to throw it out the car window. Concerning the car window when I was a child I thought it was totally acceptable to toss trash out the window. But then I was a child and there was not the education in the general public to keep the roads and state clean. About the time I was becoming aware of things such as not throwing trash outside was about the time the Earth Ecology movement was beginning.

So over the past decades there has been a continued and constant push to help keep the Earth clean. All the things seem reasonable to me. Things like don't dump your car oil in a river or creek because that kills fish and its used down stream for crops and drinking water. What could be more reasonable.

As time went on there was more of a move to have the actions of people to be interconnected to the planet in general. At one time the great looming doom was the threat of a cooling planet. Then after several years that shifted to NOT global cooling but global warming. Evidence has been shown as to glaciers and ice sheets melting worldwide and I find the effects disturbing. However the effects of global warming, which I accept have yet to be directly connected to a cause and effect relationship to human activity.

That is to say if there is a direct cause and effect relationship of human caused or accelerated climate change it is not well explained to the general public. I am a person that loves to investigate subjects and feel that I can grasp concepts that are difficult. With that understanding, I feel that I have the skill of being able to distill the facts of these issue and explain them to others.

With that said I have watch many documentaries about global warming and heard many prominent scientist talk about it as if it is a clearly understood facts. Yet I get to the end of the program or the lecture and think to myself, “I still don't see how humans are causing this.”

To be honest I find the predictions of the “Old Farmer's Almanac” to be just as valid as anything that I have came across in statements from the global warming. At least the Almanac is able to predict the general weather patterns about a year and a half out if not further. I would have to say that is much more accurate than the meteorologists on the TV are.

The bottom line to what I want to say about climate change is that I think being a planet responsible person makes total sense to me in many ways. I also accept that the idea of the changing of the climate is nothing to be running helter skelter about but making adjustments to deal with a naturally occurring phenomenon.

SO I think that most of the ideas about reducing and generally being responsible with the Earth's resources. But I do not yet see the cause and effect relationship of human cause or accelerated climate change.


  1. I don't get why people get their panties in a wad about throwing trash out the car helps creat jobs, or a way to work off community service.

  2. I was going to mention that also. That I remember seeing the prisoners in their orange jumpsuits cleaning up the side of the roads. That was long before we had the "Adopt a highway" programs.

  3. See this NASA website, "Indicators of global warming"

    Also this website for lots of good data; see the sidebar for reference pages giving background info and FAQs.