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Friday, January 14, 2011

From a Lion to a Crab

Just when you thought that there was nothing more crazy to discuss about astrology a new story has went viral. I first saw this on The Cobert Report. Now the story is really nothing new. I have heard it before so it isn't like it is a news flash but the pysudo-science tends to want to keep the old standard of zodiac in place.

I have seen shows on this several times but this was the first time I saw that there was a "new" sign added to the zodiac. The new sign is Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 - Dec. 17. It seems rather short but it is long enough to move me from the Leo to the Cancer sign. Luckily all my family and friends that are or were Leos are now Cancers.

Have you seen me?
Something looks oddly familiar to me about this new sign. Does anyone else see anything familiar with it? What is it?

Oh I know what it is. It is the same symbol that the medical profession has used for centuries and it called the rod of Asclepius. You can look it up by clicking on the symbol in wikipedia. If you have ever been to a doctor's office you must have seen this on the wall or somewhere around the office. Even paramedics use it.

The doctor will see you now.
The main thing is that it really means nothing whatsoever. When you understand some basic astronomy and then learn a little bit about the origins of astrology you realizes that not only are the signs not set to the right dates any more but the "readings" or "messages" are even more foolish than they initially appeared.

But not to be defeated I already found a site where the psychic reader was willing to address the science with hooky thinking.

You may have to scroll down to find the comment by the person named Brigitte to see the actual comment I am talking about. It's not really worth you time except for a chuckle.

Here is another link to an article from 2005, because this is such a breaking news story.

From what I can find out so far the changing of the dates also has to do with the size of the constellation in the sky.

Keep it reasonable.

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