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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some notable People I have met face to face.

Some notable people that I have seen or have interacted with over my life. [in no particular order] This doesn't include any concerts of personal speaking engagements to a group unless I had some direct contact with the person. The list is not exhaustive.The last part refers to how I interacted with them.

James Randi – author, Flim Flam, Leading skeptic and magician, originator of $1,000,000 challenge, meal in Springfield, MO

Kathleen Sebelius – former Kansas Insurance Commissioner and Governor, Secretary of Health and Human Services - KSNT-TV

D. J. Grothe – head of JREF and well known skeptical podcaster for “Point of Inquiry” and now “ For Good Reason” Same place, St. Louis Skeptical meetup, Michael Dowd event

Micheal Dowd – author, Thank God For Evolution - Lecture at Unitarian Church, St. Louis
Rebecca Watson – internationally known skeptical podcaster and speaker - Springfield, MO

Sam Singleton – The Atheist Evangelist, Springfield, MO, e-mail Facebook

Victor Stenger – Professor, University of Colorado, Center for Inquiry, author, God The Failed Hypothesis - meal, Springfield, MO

J.T Eberhart – Flying Spaghetti Monster, Missouri State University, Co-organizer of Skepticon - Stayed at his apartment

P.Z. Myers in Springfield, MO
P.Z. Myers – Associate Professor University of Minnesota-Morris, writer - w/ protesters at Skepticon, Special event in the pub.

John Schlitt – singer, Head East, Petra, musician, Christian Speaker - Concert [twice], Life Christian Center, St. Louis, MO

Geoff Moore – Contemporary Christian Musician - after concert, Norman, OK

Ron Dryden – Senior pastor, Cathedral of Praise World Outreach Center, Oklahoma City, OK, new members class, worked at KOKF owned by Dryden

Best selling book by Richard Dawkins.
Richard Dawkins – author, The God Delusion, Climbing Mount Improbable, evolutionary biologist, professor, public speaker - Norman, OK [question] Charlette, NC [question]

Abigal Smith - graduate student in Oklahoma studying the evolution of viruses, especially retroviruses, and how that evolution impacts our health - Evolution debate, Yukon, OK

Jen Peeples - aerospace engineer, former military test pilot, and foxhole atheist - Pridefest, Austin, TX

Don Baker – computer scientist with an interest in evolutionary biology and the nascent science of memetics - Pridefest, Austin, TX

Bob Saget – American stand-up comedian, actor, and television host - KDNL-TV

Jerome Bettis – retired American football halfback who played for the NFL's Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers – KDNL-TV

Bill Clinton – Former President of The United States of America - [twice] Topeka, KS, Oklahoma City, OK

Barack Obama – President of The United States of America - Several times, St. Louis, MO

Claire McCaskill – U.S. Senator, Missouri - Speaking, Victory Party

Russ Carnahan – U.S. Congressman , Missouri – Interview, speech

Fred Phelps – ex-lawyer, Reverend, founder of Westboro Baptist Church - Shawnee County Jail

Nate Phelps – estranged son of Fred Phelps - Clayton High School

Former father-in-law, Steve Abrams
Steve Abrams – former head of Kansas State Board of Education, Kansas Senator, ex son-in-law

Sam Brownback – former U.S Congressman and U.S. Senator; current Kansas Governor interview KSNT-TV, KWCH-TV

Todd Tiahrt – former U.S. Congressman from Kansas - KWCH-TV interview

Henry Hyde – U.S. Congressman-Illinois, interview, KWCH-TV

Joan Finney – First female governor of Kansas - WIBW-TV

Ray Preston – reporter, KMOV-TV - Worked with

Andy Banker – reporter, KTVI-TV - Worked with

Mary Fallin – former Lt. Governor and current Oklahoma Governor - interview, pictures

Joel Olsten – famous pastor from Texas - photos, events

Bob Dole – Former U.S. Senator-Kansas, Former Republican Presidential Canidate - picture with

Dan Baker – Former pastor, musician, president of FFRF - Springfield, MO

Richard Carrier – Historian, author, philosopher - Springfield, MO

Joe Nickell – paranormal investigator - Springfield, MO

Debbie Goddard – Center for Inquiry - Springfield, MO

John Corvino – writer, Moral activist with LGBT, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan - Springfield, MO

Steve "Jake" Jacobs and I; Mr. Wizard?
Steve “Jake” Jacobs – Mr. Wizard IV, Discovery Channel Contributor for “Mythbusters” Director of Informal Science Education - former teacher

Todd Barber – JPL, NASA, California Institute of Technology, Saturn's Cassini mission, Mar's Rovers - mutual friend of my best friend

Stephen Curtis Chapman – Contemporary Christian Singer, Springfield, MO, St. Louis, MO

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