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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skepticon IV in Springfield, MO

In case you are not aware of this years Skepticon, it should be bigger and better than last years which was quite large and  well attended. The Line up for speakers include PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson, Joe Nickell, Jen McCreight, Dan Barker, Greta Christina and many more great speakers and "leaders" in the skeptic and free thought community.

Skepticon IV is going to be worth attending.

This years event goes from November 19th and 20th with a special event happening November 18. That Friday a group will take a look at the "Creation Museum of the Ozarks" which is currently located in the Springfield area but is slated to be moved down to Branson when they get the funds. I believe PZ Myers is scheduled to be a part of the tour and bus transportation is trying to be arranged but as of right now it seems driving is the only option.

Beside the lecture, some of the best part of a conference like this is the chance to talk one to one with these speakers in a friendly and open area. Not to mention that the conference itself is paid for so their is no cost to you to attend.  But if you are like most attendees, you will want to buy some new books and other items to use and have the speakers sign.

While the weather in Springfield can be a bit tricky, the average is cold and rainy. Not too much snow normally. Last year is was quite pleasant so it would be reasonable to expect some rain and colder temperatures.

At the Skepticon IV website there are forums to request rides to ask for riders and to seek out places to stay. The Union Plaza Hotel, where the speakers will be staying have a special rate and if you go on line the group rate code is SKPT11. If you call them direct you just mention the conference to get the rate.

The rooms are quite large and the prices are the same for a double or a king. The give a $20 discount to the conference attendees so each room is $79 per night. You can get that rate for up to 5 nights. Not sure why you would need that but it is nice to have that option. In addition, the Plaza Hotel is about three blocks from the theater where the event is being held. It is not across the street in the convention center this year. I am not sure why that is. Maybe it had to do with them scheduling a gun show last year.

Be sure to sign up Today as the space may fill up fast. I have no idea of the configuration of the place we are going to be at this year but if it is a typical theater then it will not be so easy to move around it like it was last year.

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