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Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Secular Student Alliance event: This one at Wichita State University

I just learned, via facebook, that the SkeptICTs of Wichita State University are going to have a free event this May 21, 2011. It is being put on by the Air Capital Skeptics. I guess this is the day for "Rapture" as it is being held as a "Rapture Day" event. Apparently another religious adherent has taken it upon himself to figure out the day that Jesus is going to return to Earth. Or at least begin the Rapture.I think it should be May 22, so we wo0uldn't have to deal with their crap anymore.

There is going to be a great line up for this event. If you can make it it would be greatly worth your time. I am not sure if I can yet. But if I can I sure will.

Here are some of the speakers, remember have your questions ready after they talk, you don't get to ask question in church,
Blair Scott, he is a really nice guy with American Atheists;
Darell Ray, author of The God Virus,
Richard Carrier, historian, I got to talk with him after his lecture in Springfield, really nice guy;
David Fitzgerald, He is with San Fransisco Atheist and the Center for Inquiry
JT Eberhard, I actally stayed at his apartment during Skepticon. He had a nice hotel room. Anyway he is bercoming a very prominate member of the atheist movement.
Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist,  We had a nice conversation but sadly more desire to talk than time to do it in.

Plus you will have a change to meet all kinds of cool people from around the country. Who know by the time some more people may be there to speak. Be sure that there will be some people there to protest and bitch and moan about how horrible using your mind is and not walking by faith.

Which brings me to my final comment. There was a video of a blind woman walking into a subway station and then falling onto the tracks. Several people helped her and signaled the train to stop.

When asked how she felt about the help she received she said that GOD used the people to rescue her. I think God would have been much more compassionate if he would have stopped her from falling onto the tracks. Or even better had her not be blind to begin with.

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  1. The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God".