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Thursday, December 16, 2010

When History goes wrong.

Over the past few months the History channel has totally gone ape-shit crazy. [To use the technical term.] I am not sure of the reason or the source of the change but in the past couple of years about the time the name changed from “The History Channel” to History. Shows such as MonsterQuest, MysteryQuest, Ancient Aliens, Decoded, Ice Road Trucker, IRT: Deadliest Roads, Swamp People and many more of the psychobabble of programming that they have on the channel now that have nothing to do with history other than there are idiots that think these events are somehow real or entertaining.
Granted I did get tired of the constant World War II stuff that they used to have on here but now it is more like they really could careless about facts, reliable dates, the work of actual and respected historians and presenting competent programs that help to increase human knowledge instead of programming that uses phrases like; “Someday science is going to have to accept that these claims may be true” and “what if” and “It is possible” and “may well be and “could of.”
Respectable science has looked at these claims many many times and they all fail short of facts and proof. Is it possible? Well I guess in absents of actual information then yes it is possible. But is it likely? HELL NO! To be honest, I do not find the ancient stories of stone age person to have any relevance in Today's world.
The worse part is there is absolutely not attempt by the producers of these show to present balance or to show other opposing views. The whole flipping program ONLY presents a side that shows that these lame brain ignorant ideas “may be” true.
At least with the ones of religion I am not expecting them to present a equal view. But these lame ass shows and especially the Ancient Aliens one particular have no business being on a channel that is suppose to be primarily for educational purposes.

It just drives me nuts to hear these fools on TV without no one to counter their outlandish claims.

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