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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Josh Brecheen hits the big time.

Looks like newly elected Oklahoma State Senator is getting a real education in foot in mouth disease. Since his editorial has been posted in The Durant Daily Democrat on December 22, 2010 there has been national reaction in the forums blogs and other places as well. Sadly it looks like we [none creation people] are going to be the losers in this battle. If you have been keeping up with my blogs you know that I have mentioned the idea that those that are faced with facts tend to hold tighter to their faith. SO while in the court of public opinion we may have some momentum, in the end Sen. Brecheen is going to be in the Statehouse and we will be going about our lives.
I normally do not send people to other websites. But this one is so good you just have to take a look at it. Josh Brecheen is a perfect picture of what is the radical republican right in America. I would challenge any of you all to look at this and not laugh at his honest to goodness website. p.s. be sure to read about his wife. 

But with that in mind when looking up this ignorant, about evolution, man we find that his fame is growing faster than a 40 day rain. Here are a few of the websites he is mentioned on Atheist Nexus, Friendly Atheist, Science Blogs[Greg Laden], The Sensuous Curmudgeon, Newsodrone and many more.

PZ Myers even wrote a reply, point by point, on his Pharyngula website to the crazy talk that Brecheen was spewing. Needless to say I hope this will shine the light of knowledge in that part of the country. But I have been to and lived in that part of the country and I do not hold out much hope for the triumph of logic and reason.

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