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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapter Six; HERE IS YOUR SIGN part nineteen

When I saw this huge structure towering over the plains of the Texas panhandle, I knew I had to stop. The entire area had the “stations of the cross” and a last supper with four of the twelve Disciples at this version. I guess the other eight had to eat and run. They also had a version of the stone grave of Jesus and a very huge replica of the Shroud of Turin. Oddly enough, just the week before I was there, I saw the 198 foot cross in Effingham, IL.

With the exception of artistic endeavors, generally an atheist will not waste money and time on things as trivial as a 198 foot cross, as in Effingham, IL and all the brass statues that can go along with a 190 foot cross, as in Groome, TX. These two monster crosses tower and one that stands over Interstate 35, near Oklahoma City are among thousands and thousands of displays of religion that most Christian adherents find nothing wrong with but think having a representation of another religion or none whatsoever that the society is going to fall apart. All such displays are a blatant waste of time and money. They serve to ignore the words of Jesus, that adherents claim to follow, and spend money that could be used to create jobs for the needy or certainly put forth in feeding, clothing and housing them. Just think, if the land was donated to a charity, where persons could receive job training and housing, while they were in a program to help them, until they get back on their feet. Additionally, the land could be used to farm, to self sustain the charity, instead of creating a tribute to wasted time and opportunity. Not to mention that there is nothing in the Bible to indicate the Jesus lived in anything but meager or minimal ways in the story of his life.

There is not an indication of him having a home or a job or a rich family or anything but a way of communication with people that being nice was a pretty good idea. So where do the adherents of Jesus get off thinking that the display of your holiness is the possessions that you have. Or have been “blessed” with as they would put it. Huge churches, with elaborate displays and architectural structures is surely the display of hypocrisy and deviation from the words of Jesus. But some people think that Jesus is too weak to do the work all by himself. They would prefer to use their children and leave others to suffer instead of doing the charity of the faith that they hold so dear. So this is why we end up with huge crosses and homeless people and people with illness that could be cured. But instead, they rather take God out of their life and do the work that their faith would indicate that God could do otherwise. By this we see how truly faithless these adherents are.

I was told that the 190 foot cross in Groome, TX was built when the land-owner got fed up with signs that advertise, what he called pornography stores in Amarillo, TX. While was driving between that point and the city of Amarillo, then, again back to Oklahoma, I saw no signs advertising anything of an "adult" nature, in Amarillo. I have since heard that the cross has been there a long time, perhaps those stores went out of business or the laws changed regarding what sort of billboards can be displayed.

I did see a huge truck stop on the east side of Amarillo , called the “Jesus is Lord” truck stop. xxix It was painted in white and red. As I passed it on Interstate 40, I thought about stopping for a visit. Maybe next time I am in the area, I will give them a visit.


Coming next time:  GOD IN CHAOS;

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