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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Big Question

The McCain-Palin campaign states that their goal is to put country first. I would want to know what they mean by that in contrast to the Obama-Biden campaign? The Obama-Biden campaign slogan is "change you can believe in." This is in contrast to the last eight years of how the Bush administration had done a lot of changes but they are viewed as ones that are in contrast to the Constitution of the United States. So Obama-Biden what's change that as America's we can believe in it, lawful changes that support our nation versus making changes that undermine the people of this nation.

With the "country first" slogan of the McCain-Palin, there is the idea of the country is before the law. They should do what they think is right for the country regardless of how it effects the citizens. With this, it is clear the McCain campaign seeks to continue the same policies of the Bush-Cheney administration.

A question I would like to ask Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is this, Your campaign slogan is "Country First," would you agree that you should have that view at all times as a public official or is it right to put "God first" at times as a public official?

I feel that as a public official your religious views have no place in the public square at any time. But then, I am not running for Vice President.

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